Life Saving Operation For Sylvia Nabaweesi

Sylvia is a member of the Communities of Hope (COH) and Kampala Children's Centre (KCC) family and is desperately in need of our help and support. One month ago, while we were collecting our annual updates on the children, Sylvia seemed happy and healthy. Now she is unable to go to school due to severe pain caused by a swelling in Sylvia's abdomen. After an abdominal scan, doctor's found that the pain and swelling to be caused by a quickly growing uterine tumor. The tumor is attached to the uterus and pressing against a kidney, causing the kidney to lose function. This 15 year old girl is in need of immediate surgery to save her life.

Communities of Hope, a registered non-profit under NDE USA, in partnership with Kampala Children's Centre in Kampala, Uganda provides hope of a bright future to children in impoverished situations across Uganda. Each child in the program is supported by a sponsor, because their parent(s) or guardian(s) are unable to care for them, either financially or physically. Sponsorship allows children to attend quality schools where they receive two hot meals a day and helps fund basic medical needs.

Sylvia's immediate need for surgery, however, is above the expense of our sponsorship program. She lives at Kampala Children's Centre as her father passed away some years ago and her mother does not have the means to care for her. We are now seeking to raise the funds to not only cover Sylvia's surgery, but build an emergency fund for children within KCC's and COH's care.

The total estimated cost of Sylvia's surgery and after care is $1,500. To ensure that we meet the needs including transportation, processing, and unforeseen medical costs, our initial goal is $2,000. Any amount above that goal will be put into an emergency fund to provide for future medical emergencies. We greatly appreciate the work of our sponsors in supporting these children and furthermore appreciate the donations towards medical emergencies like this.

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