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Volunteers lend a helping hand

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New Faces of Destiny Africa

On site at K.C.C we have recently received teams of volunteers and began construction for a kids play scape, a project we have envisioned for some 10 years! Set to provide a fun and safe place for our under 12's to play, our volunteers have given a helping hand to bring this project to life. Thank you Team Euan and Tash Darling for all your support!

Meet the fresh new faces of Destiny Africa! Excited and enthusiastic, our children have began preparations for the 2018 'I Am Loved' Destiny Africa Children's Choir tour. The 2018 tour has been set to cover venues across the United States, and our 27 member strong choir successfully began their rehearsals this May!

Among other things Destiny Africa, our Destiny Africa Music School is thriving following its successful opening. Established to provide access to the arts, Destiny Africa Music School supplies tuition in various practices to both children and young adults. Now growing, it has moved to a larger shop front and is providing wider access to its classes. We hope to continue to creating change in our community and give thanks to all who have helped make our vision a reality.

Life Saving Operation For Sylvia Nabaweesi

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Sylvia is a member of the Communities of Hope (COH) and Kampala Children's Centre (KCC) family and is desperately in need of our help and support. One month ago, while we were collecting our annual updates on the children, Sylvia seemed happy and healthy. Now she is unable to go to school due to severe pain caused by a swelling in Sylvia's abdomen. After an abdominal scan, doctor's found that the pain and swelling to be caused by a quickly growing uterine tumor. The tumor is attached to the uterus and pressing against a kidney, causing the kidney to lose function. This 15 year old girl is in need of immediate surgery to save her life.

Communities of Hope, a registered non-profit under NDE USA, in partnership with Kampala Children's Centre in Kampala, Uganda provides hope of a bright future to children in impoverished situations across Uganda. Each child in the program is supported by a sponsor, because their parent(s) or guardian(s) are unable to care for them, either financially or physically. Sponsorship allows children to attend quality schools where they receive two hot meals a day and helps fund basic medical needs.

Sylvia's immediate need for surgery, however, is above the expense of our sponsorship program. She lives at Kampala Children's Centre as her father passed away some years ago and her mother does not have the means to care for her. We are now seeking to raise the funds to not only cover Sylvia's surgery, but build an emergency fund for children within KCC's and COH's care.

The total estimated cost of Sylvia's surgery and after care is $1,500. To ensure that we meet the needs including transportation, processing, and unforeseen medical costs, our initial goal is $2,000. Any amount above that goal will be put into an emergency fund to provide for future medical emergencies. We greatly appreciate the work of our sponsors in supporting these children and furthermore appreciate the donations towards medical emergencies like this.

Construction at KCC

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For the last few months we have had a marathon of construction. Working hard to roof the Multipurpose Hall aka Dinning Hall, roofing and completing the third floor of the Primary/middle School building, laying the ground where the Medical Centre is going to be built and starting House 11.

The good news is: house 11 has reached the ring beam level and will be roofed next month. We have fully roofed the Multipurpose Hall and the middle school building. Now we are working on completing the interior walls of the third floor so that it could be usable by September 15th. We will appreciate prayers for this busy season.

January Newsletter

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The Destiny Africa choir have had a wonderful time touring America upon their US tour, amongst being warmly received and performing outstanding shows, the children made a trip to visit the state of Maine for the first time! The choir visited Chebeague Island off the coast of Portland, Maine to do an hour performance in a very quaint, white washed church. Friendships were made and the children got to spend that afternoon on the beach. It was a great day that started and ended with a ferry ride. The children also spent time in Norway, Maine on Lake Pennesseewassee. They ate steak and lobster, took a ride on the motor boat and had a wonderful time meeting and loving on their new grandmother, Mammy.

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Merry Christmas from KCC

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Giving the Best to the Least

On behalf of all staff and children at Kampala Children's Centre we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year this festive period.

We are grateful for your interest in our vision to provide loving homes, education and a happy childhood to Uganda's most vulnerable children. It is our privilege to provide love, security and acceptance to the many children who have been orphaned, displaced and made vulnerable to poverty, now through our onsite school Destiny Bridge Academy, we are also able to extend this vision to children in the local community.

It is our pleasure to provide you with the opportunity to give new hope and a new start to these precious children by raising funds for our Destiny Bridge Academy dining hall roof, that local school children may eat within a safe and hygienic environment of a governmental standard.

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October Newsletter

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Giving the Best to The Least

Giving the Best to the Least

Within this months newsletter we would like to mention our wonderful onsite school Destiny Bridge Academy, who proudly provide education to all at K.C.C and those within the local community! We have celebrated many successes through our academy and seen our students move onto further education, however we would like to bring your attention not to our achievements, but to areas where we need your support! Currently we have incomplete roof construction of the school dining hall, it is understandably the local governments requirements that request schools have fully equipped halls for safe and hygienic dining environments. We would like to create an opportunity for you to donate a gift this Christmas to help us finish our roof construction, that we may continue to provide excellent educational facilities and safe environments for our beloved school children! Should you wish to help us, please make cheques payable to Kampala Children's Center sent to the address detailed at the bottom of our newsletter, or alternatively give online and notify our office of your donation!

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September Newsletter

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A summer of excitement and activity!

This summer we received a total of 12 volunteers at Kampala Children's Centre, all who had great fun with the children! The volunteers held many different activities with the children, such as dance and singing workshops. There was a talent show held for the Sunday school children at Destiny Bridge Church where the children happily performed their many talents, despite a power blackout in the middle of the show! There were baptisms and discipleship training for those children wishing to learn more about scripture and develop their faith

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June Newsletter

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Alex cutting his graduation cake

Congratulations Alex on your graduation at university!

It was at a local conference where I met Alex, he attended the Sunday school choir and coincidently there was a lady sat next to me that day who knew him quite well. Throughout the conference she explained to me how Alex had been struggling for food, accommodation and school tuition, as she continued speaking to me I knew I had to do something.

I approached Alex and began speaking to him; it was within fifteen minutes that I invited him to KCC. We spent the following weeks pursuing court orders that would allow him to legally stay at KCC permanently, to our success it was agreed Alex could live at the centre.

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